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Have a great weekend, everyone!

Sharing an article to you all from Fstoppers by Illya Ovchar. Excerpted below. And the full article here – Interview With Platon

Hoping it inspires you on your photographic journey. Cheers!

A Particular Human Feeling Is What Separates Good From the Very Best Photographs

Selecting that one image from the contact sheet is a painful process of creativity. You have to open up your mind, intellect, and heart. Platon is not thinking in a technical way when taking or editing pictures. What he is looking for is a magical moment that he gets from the moment. The best way to describe this is to compare it with other art forms. It is hard to say technically why one is better than the other, but there is something emotional about it. 

Anyone Has the Power to Create the Next Most Powerful Image in History

Platon believes that no one is supreme. Supremacy and establishment are an illusion.

Don’t look at someone like me as the establishment that you can’t reach. I’m nothing. I’m just a messenger. I came from nothing as a photographer. I was an art student once and I looked at people like Avedon, Newton. I asked myself, how can I be like them? Truth is, I can’t. That time is gone. You can do something in your own way for the future. 

Platon says that an image of your mother or someone close to you can become the next greatest picture in the world simply because you as a photographer had a connection with that person. It is the connection that everyone sees themselves in. Dorothea Lange’s image is a great example of that. The mother she photographed was not famous or powerful, but Lange found a connection that spoke to millions. What is that magical thing that she found?

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