Santee Alley

Shopped for a suit here for an upcoming party.  This place is in LA’s fashion district.  Full of life and a melting pot of cultures.   A sensory overload for a street photographer, at least that’s how I felt. Enjoy!… Thank you.

Discover over 150 stores selling apparel, footwear, accessories, beauty supplies, cosmetics, and more. The Santee Alley makes up two blocks of the 100-block LA Fashion District. It has traditionally been the retail core of the area, popular for bargain shopping and its bazaar-like atmosphere. Every time you visit, you’ll find something new! (

bike deliveryDelivery by bike.

ice cream vendorsIce cream vendors.

i told youI told you so.

passing threeShoppers.

big footHe was covering his (big) foot from my camera.

hold my handHold my hand.

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