LA Classic Cravings: Philippe’s

Philippe’s, or “Philippe the Original” is a restaurant located in downtown Los Angeles, California. The restaurant is well known for continuously operating since 1908, making it one of the oldest restaurants in Los Angeles. It is also renowned for claiming to be the inventor of the French Dip sandwich.
The restaurant is famous for attracting hungry patrons from all walks of life, from poverty-stricken, to working class, to the city’s elites. At peak meal periods, customers often find themselves standing in lines that can be ten deep as they wait for waitresses to prepare their meals at one of the serving stations at the restaurant’s counter.

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DSCF0168Since 1908…

DSCF0164A bunch of Superman’s dressing rooms.

DSCF8726Wood shavings on the floor.

DSCF8732Mother and daughter bonding over a sandwich.

DSCF8734The fresh baked bread guy.

Fall in lineThe hungry crowd.


Thanks for the visit!  Hope to have stimulated your appetite. 🙂

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