Ye have not.  Because ye ask not. – James 4:2


Physical. Mental. Spiritual.  These are the three principal ways we get what we need.

Most people work hard, sometimes too long and too hard.  Some use the power of the mind, of positive thinking.   But prayer is very much neglected. Opportunity lost.

How do we pray?  We learn best by doing.  Anywhere and everywhere.

Pray in the car or on the street.  Pray at work or in school. You can elevate seemingly mundane time into extraordinary moments of grace.

Pray for your needs, for those around you.  Pray for your friends, and your loved ones.  For everyone and everything.

And then believe, that your prayers will be answered.  They will be, in one of three ways: Yes. No. Later.

Yes and you’ll receive it right away.

No and you get something better.

Later means you are to pray some more.

Keep asking and you shall receive.

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